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What You Need to Know

Please read New Student and Etiquette information, if this is your first visit. Save time – sign up for an account and sign our waiver online. You must be at least 18 to sign the waiver online. Otherwise a parent must be present on your first visit to sign a paper waiver. You must be at least 13 years of age to attend a class.

First time students MUST arrive at the studio at least 10 minutes before the start of class - the first 10 minutes of class are very important, late entry will not be allowed for your first class and we need time to show you around!

Bring Mat, Water and Towel
- Mats are available for rental ($2)
- We have Manduka Mat Towels and regular towels available for purchase.
- We do not sell bottled water. Eco-friendly reusable water bottles are available for purchase and we offer filtered water for fill ups.
Bring your spirit; leave your ego at home!

Etiquette: Mindfulness On The Mat

Yoga is more than just a physical practice. It is a process of understanding how our actions not only affect ourselves, but those around us. A state of awareness and mindfulness. Please respect the following requests to help make everyone’s experience more pleasurable.

Before Class
Stop at the front desk and check-in/pay before continuing on to take off shoes and settle into class. If this is your first visit, please arrive at least 10 minutes before class. Leave your shoes and coat in the designated cubbies and areas outside the studio. NO shoes in the hallway or studio.

Late Arrivals/Early Departures
If you arrive late or need to leave early, please store all your belongings in the cubbies provided in the lobby area. Do NOT use the cubbies in the studio. If you need to leave early, please do so before we get into savasana and roll your mat up after you exit. Make it a part of your practice to arrive early and stay for the entire class. No entrance into class will be allowed 5 minutes after start time.

Please use the markers on the floor to line up your mat. Do not move your mat once class has started. The markers guarantee plenty of room for everyone and allows the teacher to move around more efficiently. The instructor will ask you to move your mat, so please respect this request at all times. Leave all personal belongings in the cubbies provided (bags, mat straps, keys, extra clothing, etc). Mat, towel and water should be the only items in the studio space. Water ONLY, no open containers or coffee.

No Cell Phones In The Studio
If you have an emergency situation ONLY, please check with the instructor first as to the policy and etiquette about bringing a phone into class. Otherwise please turn your phone off and store in the cubbies. The instructor will request that you put your phone away if not cleared with him/her before class.

Respect Your Neighbor
There is a direct correlation between your actions on the mat and the experience of those around you. No talking during class and keep it to a minimum and lower before and after class. You came for the energy of a group practice, please respect the flow and do not do your own thing.







If you have never been to Buddhi Mat, please read What You Need to Know, Etiquette and our New Student info to help prepare you for your first visit.


Weekly Schedule
Please click here to see our weekly schedule and to sign up for classes.
Class Descriptions

Buddhi Mat is a Power Yoga studio. Offering authentic Power yoga. All of our classes are designed for ALL LEVELS. Temperature in the room is kept at approximately 90°.

POWER:  Buddhi Mat’s signature class is a challenging and dynamic breath guided practice. A powerful combination of strength, flexibility, stamina and focus. With attention on breath, presence and alignment the sequencing is specifically designed to help create a balanced body and mind.

The added heat helps create a sweat drenching yoga practice that leads to greater release and surrender. This class is designed for all levels and accessible to most. No yoga experience is necessary, just a desire to be in the process. Students will be encouraged to work at their own personal level. Beginners will be given modifications, while more seasoned yogis will be guided on how take it to the next level.

POWER BASICS:  Follows the same format as our Power class at a slower pace. This allows for more focus on basic alignment and techniques that help build a solid foundation for the physical practice and a greater understanding of the process - the Buddhi Basics. This is great for beginners and experienced yogis interested in fine tuning their practice. The basic Power yoga poses are taught, with an emphasis on learning to move with breath.

HOT, DEEP  & SLOW:  Get ready to slow down and open up. If you thought “slow” meant easy, get ready to be proven wrong! Class begins with a flowing, breath guided practice. Pace is slowed down by bringing focus on controlling the breath and longer holds. This slower pace requires presence and guides student into learning how to get in to and out of a pose with awareness. Floor poses are held longer, which allows for deeper release.

POWER HOUR:  A 60-minute version of our Power class when you do not have time for a full length practice. Should be used as a supplement to the 75-90 minute classes. Because experiencing a full length practice is important and pace is a bit faster, while this class is still designed for all levels, we highly recommend that new yogis attend a full length class first!



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